Growing minds Services

Introduction to Pos Ed


An explanation of Positive Psychology and its application in education. This practical and interactive workshop is designed with schools in mind and can be tailored to fit into an afternoon staff meeting, but can also be adapted for a more in depth exploration to suit longer professional development sessions.

Teacher Wellbeing


'We can't pour from an empty cup'. Teacher-student relationships are vital to student learning and outcomes. If teachers are suffering, so are the students. This concise workshop provides practical tools for teachers to be more able to look after their wellbeing and therefore more able to help their students.

Parent Workshops


Positive Psychology at home. This workshop provides practical and easy-to-apply tools for boosting family wellbeing at home, using key concepts from the science of Positive Psychology.

Cultural Audit/Strategic Plan


Positive schools nurture the wellbeing of their staff and these organisations have been shown to have increased productivity (Cameron, et al. 2004). A cultural audit can be helpful for a school or similar organisation in identifying where their strengths are and where changes can be made in order to build a virtuous or positive culture.

Something Specific? We can help...


We are happy to design professional development, workshops and/or presentations to suit your specifications of subject, focus topics, or time. Just ask us!

Topic Suggestions


  • Mindsets      
  • Positive Relationships
  • Wellbeing and emotional literacy
  • Mindfulness
  • Developing resilience
  • Strengths